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Business Checking Accounts

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Non-Personal Simple Checking

  • Simple Checking has no minimum balance requirements.
  • Simple Checking just needs $1.00 to keep the account open.
  • This account is non-interest bearing.

Interest Checking

  • Interest Checking has a $1.00 minimum balance requirement to open the account.
  • A $5.00/month minimum balance fee is charged if the average daily balance for the month falls below $500.00.
  • The minimum balance to earn interest is $1.00 and is credited and compounded monthly. (Subject to approval for Non-Personal Accounts)
    **Interest Checking accounts are available to non-personal customers only.  Non-personal accounts include estates, trusts, municipalities, non-profit entities and sole-proprietors.  Types of accounts not eligible include for-profit corporations, LLC's and partnerships.**

Simple Interest Checking
Monthly Fee No No
Paper Statement Fee $3/mo
FREE estmts
*some exclusions apply*
FREE estmts
*some exclusions apply*
Eligible to Earn Interest No Yes
Debit Card
Yes Yes

*Fee waived for Municipal, Estate and Trust accounts.*
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